May 30, 2023

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Mistrzowie Mody

Big Daddy Movie Review

I have yet to watch a movie starring Adam Sandler that I haven’t enjoyed, having said that I don’t think this film is his best work but it’s still funny to say the least.

The movie follows a 30 something law graduate, Sonny Koufax, that has turned into a couch potato after winning a $200,000 settlement a year before when a taxi had run over his foot. Fed up of his laziness his girlfriend decides she has had enough and leaves him. Sonny’s roommate Kevin leaves for China and right away a young boy shows up claiming to be Kevin’s son. Sonny (Sandler) takes care of him for a day and has a good time, Sonny decides to adopt him in the hope of impressing is Ex Girlfriend in a last desperate attempt to save their relationship. Sonny then learns that is Ex Girlfriend had been cheating on him with an older man who is more responsible and even has a ‘5 year’ plan.

Needless to say Sonny is not a good father but once he finds out his kid is the ‘smelly’ kid in the class he tries harder and bonds with the kid a lot more. This film also has some touching scenes between Sonny and the kid.

Knowing this film stars Adam Sandler we were expecting some laughs, but we weren’t expecting some of the touching scenes throughout the movie. I highly recommend Big Daddy and award this movie with 3 and a half stars out of 5.