May 30, 2023

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Dieting And Exercise Tips For Professional Basketball Players

NBA All-Stars Diet and Workout Regimen: Smoothies, Protein, Squats

You can get all your basketball paraphernalia from outlets like Pro Direct Basketball. However, you might also need dieting and exercising advice to continue to build your professional basketball game.

Professional athletes require diet and exercise regimes specifically suited to their profession and the amount of physical exertion they endure. These tips can support a professional basketball player’s regime or help you become one yourself!

Exercise Tips

A basketball player must build agility, strength, and jumping ability. There are many ways in which they can do this. Exercising at the gym is one element of the training. 

At the gym, it is essential to include at least one recovery day per week to support the body’s healing and repair. The other days are split between the core, chest, shoulders and back, and legs. Having two leg days per week will assist a basketball player.

Leg days can consist of exercises like squats, lunges, knee tucks, and leg presses. Chest day can include bench presses and dumbbell presses. Shoulder and back exercises include bicep curls, shoulder raises, and pull-ups. Core workouts have planks, Russian twists, and clamshells as good exercises.

These are not exhaustive exercises, and developing a gym programme for you with your coach or trainer is a good idea.

Outside the gym, engaging in stamina-building cardio, such as running or cycling, is important. Of course, playing sports, including basketball, is a great way to have fun and condition your body simultaneously.

Diet Tips

An individually tailored meal plan is essential for a professional basketball player. This will ensure you get the right nutrients to support your body through training and playing.

In general, a healthy and balanced diet will be followed. This should eliminate the need for the use of supplements and meal replacements.

A basketball player will eat between 5 and 7 times a day. Each small meal will include a form of carbohydrate and protein. During game season, an average of 3500 – 4600 kcal are eaten daily. This will ensure no unhealthy weight change and your energy is maintained. Pre-training and pre-game meals are essential to ensure you have enough energy to last until the end.

The carbohydrates eaten are complex carbs, which take longer to digest and sustain energy for longer. Proteins are lean proteins found in chicken, eggs, and legumes. In addition, fruit and vegetables are included daily. Generally, basketball players will look at making up their meals from whole foods with as little processed food as possible.

The daily breakdown should average 60% carbohydrates, 20% protein, and 20% fats. This arrangement will change depending on the time of the season and each individual player.

Hydration is another critical element of the diet of a professional basketball player. Having enough water and electrolyte-filled fluids will keep you in top shape.

Running Off

Training as a professional basketball player is a challenging task. Having a supportive team to work with you will be helpful. Working together with this team, you will design the best diet and exercise plan for you.